Giacomo Feo (c. 1471 – 27 August 1495) was an Italian castellan and the second husband of Caterina Sforza, the countess of Forlì.

Following the assassination of Girolamo Riario in 1488, Caterina took on Feo as her husband and made him castellan of the Rocca di Ravaldino, a post previously held by his brother Tommaso. On 27 August 1495, Feo returned to Forlì from a hunting expedition along with Caterina and her children, Ottaviano, Cesare and Bianca. At this time, Feo was ambushed by assailants, who stabbed and beat him to death as part of a conspiracy organized by Giovanni Antonio Ghetti.[1]

In retaliation for the attack, Caterina had 38 eight people tortured and executed. Her cruelty alienated the people of Forlì, and she was no longer able to rely on their loyalty.[2]