Getting Ulloa's Attention was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


After inciting a riot, Aveline was advised to destroy a Spanish ship in an attempt to draw out Antonio de Ulloa.


Aveline met with Gérald at the warehouse.

  • Gérald: Ah! Aveline... To er... draw Ulloa out, we can hit the Spanish where it hurts: in the flotilla. Two military vessels are anchored at the port. If anything were to uh... happen... to them, Ulloa could not ignore it.
  • Aveline: I'll see what I can arrange.

Aveline then traveled to the docks, from where she saw one of the two Spanish ships. After eliminating the three men patrolling the deck, she laid down some explosives.

  • Dominguez: You!
  • Aveline: Recognize me now, Capitán?
  • Dominguez: No! Fury! Hellcat! Medusa! Men! Subdue her at once!

Aveline fought off the guards.

  • Dominguez: Please, please, have mercy. I'll trouble you no further. I'll give up ale and ragwater. I'll mutton-monger no more. I'll go to church! Please, leave me now to my sad, monkish end.
  • Aveline: You mistake me for your judge and executioner, "brother" Dominguez. Save yourself, if you're not too slow with liquor.

Aveline returned to the shore and watched as her explosives detonated.


Aveline destroyed one of the Spanish ships, hoping to draw Governor Ulloa out.