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Get Me a Doctor! was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


While staying at the Manor, Connor heard someone shouting in pain.


Connor approached Prudence, screaming for help.

  • Prudence: Help! Somebody, please help me!
    Connor! Thank the Lord!
  • Connor: Prudence! Are you alright? What are you doing out here in the woods?!
  • Prudence: Connor! Thank goodness. The baby's coming!
  • Connor: We need to get you to Dr. White.
  • Prudence: No! I can't move! Take my horse! Bring him here. GO!
Get Me A Doctor 2

Connor and Dr. White riding back to Prudence

Connor used Prudence's horse to fetch Dr. White.

  • Connor: Dr. White! Come with me. Now.
  • Lyle: What's wrong?
  • Connor: Prudence is in labor in the forest.
  • Lyle: In the forest? What in bloody hell is she doing out there?!
  • Connor: Does not matter.

Dr. White followed Connor by horse.

  • Lyle: We need to get Warren.
  • Connor: Now?!
  • Lyle: Yes!

Connor and Dr. White rode to Warren's farm.

  • Connor: Warren! Are you here!?
  • Warren: Over here. What's the trouble? Where is she?!

Dr. White and Warren followed Connor by horse.

  • Lyle: Tell me how she seemed to you.
  • Connor: In great pain. She could not move herself.
  • Lyle: Was she pale? Was there blood?
  • Connor: Not that I saw.
  • Lyle: Might be we have some time.
  • Warren: We must hurry!
Get Me A Doctor 5

Warren, Prudence and Lyle with newborn Hunter

Connor, Dr. White, and Warren arrived back at Prudence's location.

  • Prudence: Hello Dr. I think I can manage at the moment...
  • Warren: Is she alright doctor?!
  • Lyle: No, she's not alright she's having a baby and HERE by the looks of it.

Some time later Dr. White handed Prudence her child.

  • Lyle: There he is! Looks to be in fine health as well. Has a good set of lungs on him. Now I don't mean to rush you, but we need to get both you and- does he have a name yet?
  • Warren: Hunter.


Dr. White helped Prudence deliver a healthy baby boy.