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The title of this article is conjecture. Although canon, no official name for the subject of this article has been given.

The German Rite of the Templar Order were a group of like-minded individuals who swore an allegiance to the Templar ideals, and operated throughout Germany during the World War era period of the early 20th century.


Search for the AnkhEdit

Brothers of the Cross

Brothers of the Cross

In 1348, the Templars traveled across Germany under the guise of the Brothers of the Cross, promising protection from the plague. The Assassin Lukas Zurburg suspected that they were after the Ankh, a Piece of Eden said to be located somewhere in Central Europe.[1]

In 1350, both the Brothers of the Cross and Lukas Zurburg vanished mysteriously, never to be seen again.[1]

Search for First Civilization sitesEdit

In 1748, Reginald Birch, the Grand Master of the British Rite, arranged for Johann Joachim Winckelmann, a German art historian, archaeologist and Templar's, to be appointed the secretary of Count Heinrich von Bünau's extensive library, containing some 40,000 volumes. While Winckelmann's official task was to assist Bünau in writing a book on the Holy Roman Empire, he would secretly search the volumes for information on First Civilization sites for Birch.[2]

World War IEdit


Albert showing his ring to the Assassin

In 1914, during World War I, the Germans and British called a truce on Christmas. As the British and German troops fraternized, Erich Albert, a German General and Templar, took two medics, one German and one British, into his camp, hoping they could help one of his wounded soldiers. The German medic returned to the festivities after the successful operation, but the British medic remained behind. The medic noticed Albert's ring, which had a red cross on it. Albert offered to trade it with him, but when the medic raised his hands to show that he had no ring in return, Albert noticed, to his shock, the Assassin burn mark on the medic's ring finger. The medic immediately impaled Albert with his Hidden Blade, killing him.[3]

Starting World War IIEdit

In the late 1930s, Adolf Hitler, an associate of the Templars, began to take over political control over Germany. After having assumed full control, Hitler used an Apple of Eden to form Nazi Germany and hypnotize the population to join his cause. With this new-found support, Hitler began to declare "war" on Germany's neighboring countries, quickly conquering them. A worldwide war - World War II - soon erupted, but the entire war was a Templar plot to keep the people under the Order's control.[4]

While the entire war was overseen by the Templars, the world was split between two forces. On one side of the war stood the Axis, primarily led by Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hideki Tojo. On the other side stood the Allied forces, led by the Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin; the Big Three.[4]

Die GlockeEdit

In 1942, the Templars started development of a device called Die Glocke, which they hid by using the German atomic project as a front. The development was overseen by the Templar Gero Kramer, the Nazi general in charge of the "Uranprojekt", in Vemork, a Norwegian hydroelectric plant. That year, Eddie Gorm, a British spy who had infiltrated the SS by pretending to be a defector, blew his cover in an attempt to learn more about the project and had to flee.[5]

Sometime before February, 1943, the Templars abducted Nikola Tesla and forced him to work on Die Glocke.[5]

On 27 February 1943, Gorm, now a member of the British Assassins, was parachuted into Vemork and infiltrated the plant to stop the Templars from finishing their secret weapon. However, the Templars captured Eddie and put him into a very early prototype of the Animus, powered by an Apple of Eden.[5]

End of the WarEdit

On 30 April 1945, Hitler shot his own double inside his Führerbunker to make the people believe he had died, while the real Hitler planned to take the Apple of Eden and meet with Churchill. However, an Assassin had been biding his time outside the Führerbunker, and assassinated Hitler before the latter could make the meeting.[4]

Modern day Edit

By 2015 the Templar's had an Abstergo office in Berlin and operated there.


Allies and puppetsEdit

Colonial Era

20th Century


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