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The Gerfaut was the personal Man O' War of Chevalier de la Vérendrye during the Seven Years' War.

In 1752, shortly after Shay Cormac acquired his own ship, the Morrigan, Shay used his vessel to fight off several schooners and gunboats attacking the Gerfaut, before returning de la Vérendrye to the Man O' War. The two ships met once more at Port La Joye in April 1752 and again at St. John's in May 1754 where it was critically damaged after a battle with the Royal Navy.

In 1760, long after Shay defected to the Templars, Achilles Davenport tasked de la Vérendrye to create a diversion at sea, with the hopes of delaying or even preventing Shay from following the Mentor and Liam O'Brien as they sailed for a nearby First Civilization Temple. Although the Gerfaut was able to ambush the Morrigan in the middle of a field of icebergs and a fierce blizzard, Shay managed to disable and board the Man O' War. After a short skirmish, the Templar killed de la Vérendrye and sunk the Gerfaut before resuming his pursuit of Achilles.


  • Like several other Assassin-allied ships, the ''s name has an avian connection: the French word ' translates to "gerfalcon", the largest member of the falcon genus.
  • The ''s figurehead bore resemblance to the Ezio Auditore figurehead obtained by Edward Kenway during his time in the Caribbean.
  • The was able to hold over 100 cannons with 12 or more being used as chase cannons.
  • The Gerfaut is identical to El Impoluto (Assassins Creed IV) in terms of appearance except for coloring
  • Historically, the Gerfaut was never a real ship that de la Verendrye commanded rather a frigate called the Auguste, the ship that sank in Cape Breton


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