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Georgios Cardoso was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Georgios Cardoso was a popular street fighter in Renaissance Spain. Resilient and tough, he participated in underground prizefighting matches for fame and glory as well as the gold. Very much a solitary man, his unsubtle signature style was to hit hard, stay standing, and keep punching.[1]

As his fame grew, he began to gamble and his debts accumulated rapidly. He went to the Thieves' Guild for a loan, and they paid all his debts in return for a favor: they asked him to work with the Spanish Brotherhood on their behalf.[1]

While the Brotherhood would not have been Georgios' personnal choice, he grudgingly respected their ideals. At times he chafed at the need for stealth, preferring to gladly engage when the Assassins needed a heavy hand in combat[1]