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Georges d'Amboise 2

Georges d'Amboise

Georges d'Amboise (1460 – 25 May 1510) was a French pro-Borgia cardinal and minister of state known for his policy of supporting French influence in Italy.


A group of Italian Assassins interrogated Georges in Paris regarding the whereabouts of a missing Brotherhood member. Eventually, he gave them a list of names of ministers who were in league with the Borgia, whom the Assassins then killed.[1][2]

In September 1503, Georges attended a Templar loyalist meeting in the Colosseum where he, along with other cardinals, informed Cesare Borgia that Giuliano della Rovere had been elected as Pope, rather than any pro-Borgia candidate. However, Cardinal d'Amboise was scared away from the meeting after the Italian Assassin Mentor, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, appeared to confront Cesare wielding an Apple of Eden.[1]



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