George (died 1868) was a British citizen, living and working in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


Working as a deliveryman in Whitechapel, George frequently visited the florist, baker and leatherworker on Fleet Street, delivering them manure, meat and leather. Through these deliveries, he also met Joanna, the florist's assistant, who soon became his sweetheart.

Using the money he earned with his deliveries, he bought several gifts for Joanna, including a leather coat and handbag. Over time, he came to grow suspicious of his products, believing them to be tied to recent disappearances that had taken place in the area. Once he had saved up enough money to propose to Joanna, he contacted Detective Murphy of the Metropolitan Police Service to inform him of his suspicions.

During his investigation, Murphy also disappeared. One day, after visiting the barber, he was followed home and killed in his bedroom. The Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye investigated the disappearance of Detective Murphy and discovered his body, which, alongside other clues, led them to Tobias Jeffers, who had been turning his victims into the products George delivered.