"Your whore of a wife is a murderess! Willfully and wantonly. I did my duty as a Phylakitai. And for this, you have taken my life. Is your vengeance above all law, Medjay? Be warned, the Phylakes will hunt you down and exact revenge."
―Gennadios to Bayek in his final moments, 48 BCE.[src]
ACO Gennadios


Gennadios (died 48 BCE) was a Phylakitai of Alexandria during the mid-1st century BCE.


In 48 BCE, Aya, an agent in service to Queen Cleopatra, killed Actaeon and Ktesos, members of the Order of the Ancients. In response, Gennadios led his men on a house-to-house search for Aya in order to kill her, frequently dragging people into the street and torturing them for information. This served the interests of Eudoros, another member of the Order who wished to be rid of Aya.

As Gennadios searched the Jewish quarter and prepared to torture the dockworkers, Aya's husband, the Medjay Bayek, infiltrated the Akra Garrison and killed him. In his final moments, Gennadios insisted that he was only doing his duty as a Phylakitai in chasing down Aya for her murders. He questioned whether Bayek and Aya's quest for vengeance against the Order went above the law and warned the Medjay that the other Phylakes would hunt him down to exact revenge.


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