This article is about the personal doctor of Cesare Borgia. For other uses, see Gaspar.

Gaspar Torella was an Italian physician who lived in Rome during the Renaissance and served the Borgia family as Cesare Borgia's personal doctor.[1]

In 1503, after Rodrigo Borgia was killed by the cantarella poison he sought to use to murder Cesare, Gaspar was responsible for treating Cesare of his serious, though non-fatal, poisoning. He was tending to him at a military meeting held at the Campanile of Santa Maria in Tastevere to discuss the threat of the Assassins when the Ezio Auditore da Firenze ambushed them with his Apple of Eden. Though the Assassin Mentor killed the lieutenants, Cesare and Gaspar managed to escape.[1]

After Cesare's imprisonment by Pope Julius II, Ezio and his friend Leonardo da Vinci visited Gaspar at his house to queestion him on Cesare's whereabouts. The doctor didn't know anything Ezio hadn't heard before and was more interested in studying the "French Disease", i.e. syphilis, than finding Cesare, though he did mention Ezio could do worse than looking in Spain. After this, Ezio and Leonardo left the doctor without further issue.[1]