ACRogue Bomb Struggle

Shay using the gas mask to counteract a smoke bomb

A gas mask is a mask utilized to protect the wearer from inhaling toxic gases. Gas masks come in a variety of forms, ranging widely in their sophistication, with the simplest consisting merely of a single piece of cloth.


During the 18th century, French and British bounty hunters, as well as the Templar Shay Cormac, employed face-cloths as gas masks in their operations in North America. Though simple, these masks were sufficient in shielding them from the harmful effects of poisonous vapors or smoke bombs. For his part, Shay preferred to keep his mask lowered, shrouding his face only when needed or during his hunts for Assassins.

Leaders of the gangs allied with the Assassin Hope Jensen also popularly wore the mask, a counter against some of the equipment favored by Shay, though each of them would fall to the Assassin turncoat nonetheless.


  • Some British regulars and the Jägers in Assassin's Creed III wear a mask similar to Shay's gas mask, but they do not provide protection from smoke.