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Gao Feng

Gao Feng (unknown – 1526) was one of the Eight Tigers, a group of powerful Templar eunuchs that controlled the Chinese imperial court during the reign of the Ming dynasty Zhengde Emperor. He played a role in the purge of the Chinese Assassins after the ascendance of the Jiajing Emperor.

Though not as prominent as the other Tigers, Gao Feng was still an efficient and discreet operative. He was given charge of the Gansu province by the Jiajing Emperor.

In 1526, he became a target of the Assassin Shao Jun, who got herself caught in the Maijishan Grottoes turned into a secret prison run by Gao Feng. Though Feng questioned Jun about the Precursor box she held and threatened her for answers, the latter remained silent and escaped her cell, assassinating Gao Feng in the process.


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