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A gang headquarters in New York City

Gang headquarters were the bases of the Assassin-affiliated gangs. Throughout the Seven Years' War, the Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac captured these headquarters for the British authorities.


By 1756, six headquarters existed in the various districts of New York City. Others were found in Albany, Lac Eternel, Two Bends and Halifax. The headquarters served as Assassin bureaus and local bases of operations for the Brotherhood. However, the citizens often suffered as a result of this, as the Assassins neglected to keep the gangs in check, and thus they terrorized the populace by stealing and demanding protection money from the inhabitants. In his hunt for his former associates, the Templar Shay Cormac evicted the gangs from the headquarters, and restored order with the help of the British Army. With the death of Hope Jensen in 1759, the gangs were dissolved as a major fighting force.

Gang headquarters were led personally by an Assassin, who directed attacks at British positions and controlled the wealth of the district. The gangs had become so influential that the Templar George Monro had made it a priority to take down every gang hideout in the colonies, a goal which was shared and finally carried out by Shay. While taking down a gang headquarters, Shay would eliminate the Assassin in charge and cut down the gang flag. Buildings in the area could then be renovated and income for cities could be increased. However, gangs would still persist in small enclaves throughout the colonies after the takeover of every headquarters, causing minor problems for the British troops whose work they commonly interfered with.