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ACO Gamilat


Gamilat (d. 38 BCE) was the leader of the Nabatean rebels who rebelled against the Roman oppressors on the Sinai Peninsula. He was an ally of Tahira's Hidden Ones stationed in Sinai.


Once Bayek, Mentor of the Hidden Ones, realized that Gamilat was purposely provoking the Romans to attack villages in order to gain more martyrs for his cause Bayek confronted Gamilat about his actions. The two later dueled and Gamilat was defeated, he then accepted his death after Bayek told him that all innocents need to be protected.


Gamilat was seen as a hero, even after his death. Many stories and ballads were told in his honor. Gamilat's death served its cause that no more martyrs would be made. People would later forget about about the Hidden Ones, who returned to operating in the shadows. Gamilat's actions also serve as the source of the first of the Assassins' three tenants: Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent.