"These apparitions, whether real or imagined, strike horror in my heart. I swear I have seen objects in my office move of their own volition! It is as if the ghost haunted the walls behind my office."
―Beaudoin to his assistant in a letter.[src]
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Arno investigating Beaudoin's murder

Gabriel Beaudoin was the French Director of Finance, serving in the midst of the French Revolution until his death.


A duplicitous man, Beaudoin engaged in an affair with Brigitta von Glück, the wife of Austrian ambassador Friedrich von Glück, enraging the ambassador, who swore revenge. At the same time, Beaudoin frequented a private gambling club in the Palais-Royal, where he and his banker, who also played, were able to cheat the other gamblers out of their winnings.

However, in the last few weeks of Beaudoin's life, he became increasingly agitated, and claimed he could see the specter of a German butcher executed centuries ago that had haunted his office in the Tuileries Palace ever since as "the Red Ghost". From that point on, Beaudoin carried religious icons wherever he went, and even asked a local doctor to concoct a supernatural repellent to ward off the evil spirit. However, none of these efforts succeeded, and Beaudoin became inconsolable.

One day, in a fit of despondency, he locked himself in his office. Over a day later, his aides heard a gunshot. Soon after, the Assassin Arno Dorian discovered Beaudoin, who had killed himself with a pistol, and began investigating the events leading up to the Director's death.

Eventually, Arno came to the conclusion that Beaudoin's assistant, Hervé LeGall, who had been promised the role of Director of Finance on Beaudoin's passing, had used the myth of the Red Ghost to drive Beaudoin to suicide. After confronting LeGall, Arno handed him over to Police Minister Lapparent, and Beaudoin's death was solved.