Gabbitas was a gunsmith of possibly Spanish heritage who was responsible for crafting a flintlock pistol of English design that eventually came to bear the initials "E.B." These initials led to popular speculation that the specific firearm, merely called the English Flintlock Pistol, was at one time the personal weapon of the British general and former Templar Edward Braddock until he was killed in an ambush executed by the Templar Grand Master Haytham Kenway during the French and Indian War.


  • Gabbitas is only mentioned in Assassin's Creed III as the producer of the English Flintlock Pistol in the weapon's description. Oddly enough, the weapon can be crafted by the player, as Ratonhnhaké:ton, at the Davenport Homestead with the help of the resident blacksmith David Walston and woodworker Lance O'Donnell, and if the player acquires the gun in this way, it would directly contradict the weapon's description that it was made by Gabbitas.
  • The English Flintlock Pistol, known in real-life as the Braddock Pistol, was indeed historically the property of Edward Braddock, who gave it as a gift to George Washington, though this is all unconfirmed in Assassin's Creed III. The pistol accompanied Washington throughout his military career until he lost it in 1777.[1]
  • Historically, William Gabbitas was actually British not Spanish, but he was misidentified as Spanish by George Washington in his letter to Captain Charles Morley asking him to help search for the misplaced gun. This mistake is repeated in Assassin's Creed III.[2]