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AC3 French Cutlass

The French Cutlass

The French Cutlass was a sword obtainable by Ratonhnhaké:ton and Haytham Kenway during the 18th century. It could be purchased from any general store in Boston, New York, or the Frontier.

Description Edit

This French Cutlass is a short, broad-bladed slashing sword. The cutlass was a mainstay of its boarding parties during this Age of Sail. Its relatively compact size makes it easily maneuverable in crowded and chaotic hand-to-hand fighting on a ship's deck. Most cutlasses have a sturdy guard both to protect the user's hand and for use in clubbing an opponent, this one is no exception.

Weapon statisticsEdit

Damage Speed Combo Cost Availability
3 4 5 £1,575 Sequence 2


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