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Elise sword training

Frederick training the young Élise under the watch of her mother.

Frederick "Freddie" Weatherall was a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order and a former lover of Julie de la Serre. Still deeply in love with Julie, even after her wedding with François de la Serre, Weatherall came to France and became her confidant.

Having the trust of both her parents, he became the sword trainer of the young Élise as he had trained François-Thomas Germain before her. After the death of Élise's mother, Weatherall became one of her closest friends, in whom she confided her relationship with Arno Dorian to her difficulty coping with her destiny as the Grand Master. He also had a well-developed spy network.

After a failed assassination attempt on Julie - before her eventual, natural death - Weatherall was the one who found clues leading to a former British Assassin, accompanying Élise to London in 1788. While escaping London and the Carrolls, Weatherall was injured and later lost a leg. This, along with his age and the alcoholism he developed after Julie's death, compromised his fighting skills. After the murder of Élise's father and the takeover of the French Templars by Germain, Weatherall became the last Templar ally of Élise in France.