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ACT Freddy

Freddy (Unknown – 2016) was a doctor working for Abstergo Industries and part of the medical team of the Philadelphia complex. Freddy was also secretly a mole in the Templar Order working alongside Violet da Costa for the Instruments of the First Will and their mistress Juno.

In 2016, Freddy was tasked to assist André Bolden, as the old man had difficulties coping with his sessions in the Animus while searching for clues about the Koh-i-Noor. Worried by the prospect of the Piece of Eden falling into the hands of the Templars, Freddy wanted to terminate Bolden. However, Violet told him that it was a bad idea as they also needed Bolden alive to find the artifact and because it would risk to put them on Juhani Otso Berg's radar.

Later the mole strangled Caitlin Gift to death, when the technician of the Animus stumbled upon the trojan horse which Violet implanted on the servers to syphon the data to the Instruments. Suspecting the work of a mole, Berg launched an investigation but the body of Freddy was later mysteriously found in Berg's office, with Berg telling Violet that they could trust no one.



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