"I am trying to build a better world. To ensure that no one suffers what my son did. Pray tell me, "friend", how much blood do you consider that to be worth?"
―Morris defending his actions, 1868.[src]

Frank Morris (unknown – 1868) was a British worker and an acquaintance of the philosopher Karl Marx in the 19th century.


Sometime in 1868, Morris' son died from exhaustion due to working an 18-hour shift in a factory. Consumed by grief, he blamed the government for failing to protect the rights of the workers. To exact his revenge, Morris planned to steal a shipment of nitroglycerin and attack the Houses of Parliament. His friend, Karl Marx, later learned of this scheme and asked one of the twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye to put a stop to Morris' actions.

Morris was subsequently intercepted by one of the Frye twins while driving the carriage of explosives into the City of London, but the two found themselves pursued by members of the Blighters, a Templar-affiliated gang. Led into an ambush, they were forced to defend themselves from a group of Templars. Although the Assassin managed to fend off their attackers, the carriage of nitroglycerin was stolen.

Soon enough, Morris located the stolen carriage, but was asked to return to his home while one of the Frye twins took care of the shipment. Undeterred, he tailed the Assassin to the Templar hideout and attempted to steal some of the explosives while they were distracted. However, Morris was spotted by a Templar who fired at him, causing the nitroglycirin in his arms to detonate, killing him.

Personality and characteristics

"Then I'll return to the factory like a small cog in the great wheel of capital? No! I want justice!"
―Morris expressing his hatred of the capitalist system, 1868.[src]

An anarchist, Morris strongly disagreed with capitalism and the workers that had to suffer for it. His resentment was deepened by the loss of his son, leading him to be dead-set on revenge against the government that had failed its people. However, this attitude caused him to rashly steal a shipment belonging to Templars and, when the Templars reclaimed their explosives, put his life at risk in trying to get some of it back, eventually leading to his death.