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Frank Vanderlip

Frank A. Vanderlip

Frank Arthur Vanderlip, Sr. (17 November 1864 – 30 June 1937) was an American banker. From 1897 to 1901, Vanderlip was the Assistant Secretary of Treasury for President William McKinley's second term. He was also a member of the Templar Order and a founder of Abstergo Industries.

In 1910, Vanderlip met with fellow Templars Paul Warburg, Charles Norton, Benjamin Strong, Jr., Henry Pomeroy Davison, and Nelson W. Aldrich on Jekyll Island. There, they designed the "Plan", a plot to take control of the capitalist market.[1] The first part consisted of creating the Federal Reserve System, which was accomplished in 1913.[2] The next comprised the founding of Abstergo Industries, a front for the Templar Order that would be established in 1937.[3]


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