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"The man re-defines the term 'friends in high places'."
―Napoleon Bonaparte on Rouille.
Frédéric Rouille
ACU Frederick Rouille
Biographical information

2 September 1792
Paris, Kingdom of France

Political information

French Army (1789 – death)
Templars (1789 – death)

Real-world information
Voice actor

James Loye

Frédéric Rouille (unknown – 1792) was a French Army captain, and a member of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order during the French Revolution. He was a leading figure in the September Massacres of 1792.


Joining the TemplarsEdit

Rouille was born to a poor cobbler, and the absence of letters or journals left behind by him suggests he may have been illiterate. He joined the Gardes Françaises in 1789, although his humble beginnings meant that he had no hope of advancing into the aristocratic officer corps of the organization. As the French Revolution broke out, Rouille became a true believer in the revolutionary ideals according to contemporary accounts.

Rouille was present at Honoré Mirabeau's speech at the Tennis Court Oath. Impressed by Mirabeau's political determination, Rouille wanted to shake hands with him, but was brushed off. At that moment, he met François-Thomas Germain, who offered induction into his radical faction within the Templar Order, which Rouille accepted. Germain sought to create a new social order in France by making the revolution as violent and chaotic as possible. Rouille thus became a powerful tool of the Grand Master, using revolutionary zeal to murder and pillage his way across France.

When the majority of the Gardes Françaises defected to the National Guard, Rouille was among them. Unhindered by his origins, he quickly rose through the ranks. On 31 March 1791, Rouille was present at a Templar meeting at the Hôtel de Beauvais. There, he tortured a prisoner for information, receiving the location Luxembourg Palace. Afterwards, he had his men throw the prisoner out of the window as he was called to the meeting by fellow Templar, Aloys la Touche.

At the meeting, Rouille reported the information he received to Germain, stating King Louis XVI's declining popularity. While Rouille suggested murdering the King could progress Templar control, Germain wanted the King to die a condemned man, meaning a public execution. Rouille also discussed his concerns about the conservative faction of the Templars being rallied to oppose them. Germain, however, reassured that the opposing Templars would no longer be a concern.

As Germain had encountered the Assassin Arno Dorian the same day, Rouille promised to tighten security and ensure Germain's safety.

10 AugustEdit

On 10 August 1792, Rouille and Antoine Joseph Santerre led an open insurrection against King Louis XVI in the Tuileries Palace, with thousands of armed revolutionary extremists storming the palace. Rouille was tasked to capture the king and find documents belonging to Mirabeau, which could give the Templars the opportunity to expose and purge the Assassins across France.

The King's Correspondence 16

Rouille and his men entering Louis' office

However, King Louis XVI and his family had already fled by the time of the storming of the Palace. Accompanying this, the Assassin Arno Dorian had also infiltrated the Palace and destroyed the documents before Rouille could find them. Following on from this event, Napoleon attempted to have Rouille reassigned to a remote garrison, but because of the Templar influence on the government, he was allowed to remain in Paris.


On 2 September 1792, Rouille led a band of Jacobins to the Grand Châtelet prison, where they began to slaughter guards and prisoners alike during the September Massacres. At the top of the prison, Rouille captured the prison warden.

While taunting the warden with the head of his brother atop a pike, Rouille was assassinated at the top of the prison by Arno Dorian. Through Rouille's memories, Arno discovered the involvement of another Templar, Marie Lévesque, who was secretly hoarding grain to starve Paris's citizens. Rouille's halberd was also claimed by Arno.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rouille was one of many French citizens caught up in the revolutionary fervor. Loyal to the Templar cause, Rouille was also an unstable, bloodthirsty lunatic who revelled in slaughtering perceived enemies of the Revolution. This was shown when he ordered an unfortunate man thrown out of a window after interrogating him (and previously showed pleasure at the idea of torturing him) and in his willing participation in the September Massacres, mercilessly ordering the deaths of countless innocent prisoners and specifically taunting the warden with the head of his brother.


  • The name Frédéric derived from the germanic name Fridric, frid meaning "peace" and ric "powerfull". His surname Rouille is the french word for rust.
  • The Abstergo Industries Database claimed that Rouille was killed in the Conciergerie prison during the September Massacres.
  • Rouille carries a spear when encountered in-game, but the reward received upon killing him is a light halberd.



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