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"You know, it's rather incredible the way your lunatic fringe tries to conjure the 'spirit' of the Founding Fathers to support their various causes. And by incredible I mean hilarious. They hold up slave-owning, sexist, homophobes as if that's some sort of ideal to which one should aspire."
Shaun Hastings, 2012.[src]
ACIII-Publicexecution 14

Ratonhnhaké:ton with the Founding Fathers at Independence Hall

The Founding Fathers were a band of individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, becoming the founders of the newly formed United States of America. Additionally, the Founding Fathers also established the United States Constitution, which served as the foundation for the country's legal rights, and inspired similar progressive movements across the world.

Of the Founding Fathers, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and various Sons of Liberty composed the most prevalent figures within the group.



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