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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the memory of the same name.
Forum of the Ox
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Political information


Date constructed

4th century

The Forum of the Ox, or Forum Bovis, was one of many forums built by the early Emperors of Nova Roma. Located in the Bayezid District of Constantinople, it was gradually built over by subsequent generations.

In 1511, Ezio Auditore da Firenze learned that Niccolò Polo had hidden one of the Masyaf Keys beneath the Forum of the Ox. He also discovered that Byzantines were present, and pursued them through the underground course of the River Lycus. After killing them all, he recovered the third Key.

Nowadays, little remains of the landmark, as the Forum of the Ox was situated on the site that currently displays the Aksaray Square.


  • The forum was named after its central monument, a large antique bronze furnace shaped like the head of an ox.



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