The Forum of Arcadius was a forum built by the Emperor Arcadius in the city of Constantinople.


Built in 403, it was built in the in the Xerolophos area and was the last forum before reaching the Constantinian city walls and the Golden Gate in a line of forums, including the Forum of Theodosius, the Forum of Constantine, Forum of the Ox, and the Forum of Amastrianum, built westward from the city center along the Mese (Constantinople main street).

The Column of Arcadius, located in the center of the forum, was decorated with spiral bands representing the triumphs of the emperor, like Trajan's Column in Rome. At the top of the column, which was more than 50 meters high, there was an equestrian statue of Arcadius.

The forum was later converted to a bazaar by the Ottomans, which was used for the auctioning of female slaves.