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Flowery Flag

"Flowery Flag"

"Flowery Flag" (unknown – 1927), was a Sino-American killer hailing from Baltimore and a henchman of Du Yuesheng, the crimeboss of the Green Gang which operated in Shanghai.


During the Shanghai massacre of 1927, Yuesheng tracked down Ruan Lingyu after she stole a box from the Templars that was destined to Chiang Kai-shek. The crimelord eventually found her trace back to a Temple, where she was hiding with Darius Gift and sent Flowery Flag after them.

Once in the Temple, the killer injured the armed Ruan with a knife and easily subdued the young Templar but was prevented to finish them by the arrival of the Black Cross. The two men engaged in unarmed combat until Flowery flag shot a bullet in the shoulder of his foe with his gun. As the killer was about to finish the Black Cross, Ruan stabbed him in the back. Using the diversion, the Templar quickly wraped his Templar Cross chain around Flowery Flag's neck before pushing him through a window. Flag was hung by the throat with the chain, but considering the height, he probably died of a broken neck before having the time to suffocate.

Equipment and skills Edit

Flowery Flag was highly skilled in combat. He easily incapacitated Darius with a kick to the head and being able to fight Black Cross on equal terms if not get the best of him. In terms of equipment he possessed a knife thrower, gun, and a large knife.


  • Despite wearing a knife thrower on his wrist which looked like an Hidden Blade, Flowery Flag's membership or former membership to the Assassin Brotherhood wasn't confirmed.
  • Flowery Flag's nickname was a reference to his American citizenship and the stars on the flag of the United States.
  • There might be a possibilty that Flowery Flag is a Sage based on his eyes.
  • Flowery Flag seems to be born in Baltimore based on his accent coincidentally the same place as Albert Bolden.

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