Flint's End was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward and Rhona set out to assassinate Hilary Flint.


  • Rhona: Edward, we've reduced that Templar cad, Flint, to a fraction of his power. The only thing standing between you and your key now is Flint himself.
  • Edward: You have an approach in mind?
  • Rhona: I'll engage him in combat. And you circle around - carefully - and well, you know the rest.
  • Edward: Suddenly squeamish, Rhona? Can't quite bring yourself to kill him?
  • Rhona: Of course not! I just don't want you to feel like I'm telling you what to do.
  • Edward: I think that injury must have left you with a touch of fever.
  • Rhona: Can we go now?
  • Edward: Let's.

Edward and Rhona set out to find Flint.

  • Rhona: Oh, he won't be hard to find, the cheeky bastard, strutting about like the cock of the walk.
  • Edward: Admit it, Rhona. Deep down, you like the walk of that cock.
  • Rhona: I can arrange to have you in thummikins if flogging's too kind, Kenway.

The pair found Flint by the port.

  • Flint: What I miss the most is the fox hunt. Of course, there's plenty of other game to be found. One needs only be creative. I like mine with teeth. The chase is more fun when the prey bites back. Of course it's not the same here as home in England, but there's a wild quality I've come to enjoy.
  • Rhona: I'll distract him. You circle around for the kill.

Rhona began to goad Flint to distract him.

Flint's End 3

Edward and Rhona fighting Flint

  • Rhona: Hey Flint! Hah! Not much of a shot, are you, Flint?
  • Flint: You should know, Dinsmore.
  • Rhona: I should, after studying you for so long.
  • Flint: Then you finally admit your obsession with me!
  • Rhona: And how many men have you sent after me, just this week, Flint?
  • Flint: What did you expect? That I would come in person? You overestimate your importance.
  • Rhona: You're a pig, Flint.
  • Flint: Oh... don't be stroppy, Dinsmore.
  • Rhona: Oh, don't be such a beard splitter.
  • Flint: Is that what you tell all the lads at the punch house?
  • Rhona: I would, but you always beat me to it.
  • Flint: Ape leader.
  • Rhona: Dandy prat.
  • Flint: Addle-plot.
  • Rhona: Catch-fart.
  • Flint: Stop! I'm blushing.
  • Rhona: Oh, you make me ill. Catch me if you can! Over here! Ha! Missed again! Who trained you? And you call yourself a gunner. You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Flint was assassinated.

Flint's End 4

Flint's final moments

  • Flint: I knew we would end in fire, but I always thought our positions would be reversed. I should have died happier, knowing there was one less Assassin in the world. What a pity, we could never fight together on the correct side of things.
  • Edward: Would, uh... you two, like a moment alone?
  • Rhona: No. It's too late.

Rhona closed Flint's eyes and took his Templar key.

  • Rhona: Take it. His charm's all used up. Let the memory of him be locked away for good.


Flint was assassinated, and Edward retrieved his second Templar key.