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Fleur (unknown – 31 May 1431) was a young French prostitute who was following the French Army led by Jeanne d'Arc during her campaign against the English during the Hundred Years' War. In 1429, as an enraged Jeanne scolded her soldiers for mingling with prostitutes, the prostitute saw her using her abilities thanks to her own latent ones resulting from an overabundance of Isu DNA.

Convinced that Jeanne was truly an envoy of God, the young woman decided to change the course of her life and to serve the figurehead of the French resistance. While initially reluctant to accept her due to her distaste for sinners, after her closest confidant, Gabriel Laxart, interceded on the woman's behalf Jeanne began to consider allowing the woman to follow her. After consulting with her "voices", Jeanne accepted the girl, taking her in and granting her the name "Fleur".

Utterly devoted to Jeanne and Gabriel, who both grew very fond of her, Fleur served as Jeanne's maid for the rest of the campaign. Eventually, after Jeanne's capture and trial for witchcraft, Fleur came into contact with the French Assassins, with whom she devised a plan to save her idol. After an unconscious Jeanne was smuggled away from her cell the day of her execution, Fleur had the Assassins beat her until her face was unrecognisable and took her place at the stake.

She was then executed by Geoffroy Thérage, who found in her remains the Heart of the Sword of Eden. Believing to be "Jeanne"'s unburning heart, threw it into the Seine.

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