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Flamel's Secret: The Monks was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with the famous fortune-teller, Marie Anne Lenormand.


  • Lenormand: Ah! I foresaw your return! Come, I have something to tell you! These cards, the Cross and the Lady, invoke Notre Dame Cathedral. Continuing with the religious theme, monks! And this card! It is clear to me that an order of monks is after mystical power! They hope to find Nicolas Flamel's "water of life" in his long-lost laboratory somewhere here in Paris. This card, the Key! They have found part of the mechanism that will unlock Flamel's door. You must go to Notre Dame and recover that mechanism!

Arno located the cult members inside the cathedral.

  • Monk: Brothers! I have the piece of the mechanism with me. Say nothing to anyone, we are in mortal danger. Neither the Templars nor the Assassins must learn of this!

Arno pickpocketed the monk carrying the mechanism piece.

  • Arno: This rusty bit of metal must be part of the mechanism that Mademoiselle Lenormand was talking about.

Arno returned to Lenormand.

  • Lenormand: Ah! You have recovered part of the mechanism. As I knew you would. Keep it, it is you who will unlock the secret.


Arno acquired half of the key to Nicolas Flamel's laboratory.


  • Pickpocketing the wrong monk supplied Arno with a copy of The Book of Eleazar.


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