Firas (unknown – 1190) was a Crusader captain that served with the Knights Hospitalier during the Third Crusade.


In 1190, he was stationed at the Templar Hospital of Tyre under the command of Templar doctor Roland Napule. As one of the hospital's guards, he was assigned to the subterranean levels which largely consisted of blast furnace chambers, finery forges, and dungeons.

When the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad attempted to infiltrate the hospital via these passages, the Crusaders were alerted to his presence after he fell from a wooden beam that lacked the structural integrity to support his weight. This extinguished the Assassin's element of stealth and allowed the Crusaders to prepare a staunch, though ultimately futile, defense.

While their fellow guards were being slaughtered by the Assassin in the adjacent chambers, Firas, alongside two other Hospitaliers and one Templar, ventured into a furnace room with puddles of liquid tar spilled over the stone floor. Unbeknownst to them, Altaïr had stealthily entered the chamber from an upper platform. Perceiving the prevalence of coal tar in the room, he ignited the tar by throwing torches from above.

Firas and a fellow Hospitalier soldier were both caught in the inferno, having been standing on the puddles of tar, and were consequently incinerated.


  • Firas, فراس, is Arabic word meaning "perspicacity".