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Fioretta with Giuliano

Fioretta Gorini was the mistress and cousin of Giuliano de' Medici.


By the time of the Pazzi conspiracy against the Medici, Fioretta was heavily pregnant with Giuliano's son. In 1478, she and Giuliano attended High Mass at the Duomo, along with Guliano's brother, Lorenzo de' Medici, and Lorenzo's wife. However, before they could enter the cathedral, one of the conspirators, Bernardo Baroncelli, ran at Giuliano and attacked him with a dagger, spraying blood over Fioretta.

In shock, Fioretta could only watch numbly as Giuliano was brutally killed by Francesco de' Pazzi. Lorenzo came under attack from behind, but was saved by the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who had hidden amongst the crowd in an attempt to stop the attack. Eventually, the Pazzi were driven from Florence and the Medici remained in power, with Fioretta giving birth a month later to Giulio de' Medici.