Find Christoffa was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio tracked down Christoffa to ensure no harm came to him.


  • Isabella: Santángel, who is our guest?
  • Ezio: I am Ezio Auditore, a Florentine by birth, and a wayfarer by trade.
  • Luis: He is a friend, Queen Isabella. It was Ezio who brokered King Muhammad's surrender.
  • Isabella: Ezio Auditore... it seems the whole of España owes you a great debt.
  • Ezio: I wonder if Christoffa Corombo might profit a little from my royal largess.
  • Isabella: I wish I could vivify his withering dream, but our funds are still scarce. Take comfort knowing that the King of France has made him a recent offer.
  • Luis: He cannot be serious!
  • Isabella: Well he certainly thought it was genuine. He left for Paris this morning.
  • Luis: Oh, that fool! Ezio... he is still in great danger.
  • Ezio: I will find him.
  • Luis: Bring him back here. And tell him ... tell him the Queen has had a change of heart.

Ezio tracked Christoffa down.

  • Ezio: Christoffa, halt! You're in great danger.
  • Christoffa: Do not interfere, Ezio! I've had quite enough counseling from your quarter!

A guard arrived to kill Christoffa.

  • Christoffa: Help!

Ezio killed the guard.

  • Christoffa: Has the world gone so mad that a simple adventurer cannot go but a few weeks without being attacked in the street!
  • Ezio: Christoffa, you are no simple adventurer.
  • Christoffa: Unfortunately only you and the King of France recognize this.
  • Ezio: King Charles hasn't the mettle to back you... this is a Templar trick.
  • Christoffa: Have you any proof of your outrageous claim?
  • Ezio: I don't need any. Santángel has assured me that Isabella has had a change of heart.
  • Christoffa: Good God, how I loathe these games! Lead the way, Ezio...

They returned to the palace.

  • Isabella: A fascinating proposal, Luis. And one I would gladly accept were Christoffa to return.
  • Christoffa: And return he has! What's the good news?
  • Luis: Inspiring words and a few bags of coin have changed the Queen's mind. Prepare to set sail, Christoffa.
  • Ezio: How many bags of coin did it require?
  • Isabella: Your friends have agreed to cover half of the total costs, Christoffa.
  • Christoffa: Praise you Luis, you fine and gracious man.
  • Sánchez: Soon we will be praising you, my friend. For all the wonders you will find and report to the world.
  • Luis: But let all rejoicing wait until we have seen your crosstrees dip below the horizon.
  • Christoffa: Yes, Santángel. Caution! Yours has saved me from myself more times than I should admit. Come gentlemen. Let us celebrate!


Ezio found Christoffa and brought him back to the palace, where his voyage was prepared.