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In this video review, I take a closer look at the latest DLC for Assassin's Creed Syndicate called The last Maharaja.

So is this DLC worth spending your hard earned time and coin on? Or are you better of skipping this one and go hang out with your friends instead? Watch the video and found out.


Graphics: The story takes place in London. And - as is the case with the rest of AC Syndicate - the views are absolutely stunning.

However the animations in cutscenes seem a bit rushed. Especially how the lips move - or don't move to the voice acting. And there are a lot of walk'n'talk (and horse'n'carriage'n'talk) that could have benefitted from a nice cinematic instead.


Dialogue: The pauses between the lines of dialogue are a bit long, and gives the impression, that there haven't been paid enough attention to the details. It kinda reminded me of the bad flow of the dialogue in AC III.

The voice acting itself is fine though (though I'm no big fan of the voice acting of Jacob Frye - he is a pain in the ass, I think - but maybe that's the whole idea?) :)


Story: The story of The Last Maharaja is a bit thin. A lot the things mentioned in the dialogue are just there as loose ends. And I'm still not sure why someone wanted the Maharaja dead in the first place.

Further more some of the missions are rather clumsily executed.


A lot of fun: However there are also a lot of very fun elements in this DLC. One of my favorite moments is when Jacob gets hammered. Fighting and shooting while drunk is not as easy as it might seem.

Another favorite part is trying to catch a train while driving a horse and carriage through London.

Or dressing up for a party and trying to outsmart the Royal Guard in a toxedo.


Verdict: So should you spend your hard earned cash and limited time on this DLC? Or are you better off saving up for Assassin's Creed Adventures waiting for you in Egypt in 2017?

I say go get this DLC! Even though the story is a bit thin and the execution not very elegant, I had great fun playing The Last Maharaja.

Now my characters were only level 5 and level 6, when I played through this DLC. But this only enhanced the fun and made up for some very challenging fights against the hi-level enemies. It also added to the overall playing time, as I got my ass handed to me several times.

If your characters are already fully upgraded, you might not find it as fun nor as challenging. And the playing time will probably be shorter as well.

That being said, I can definitely recommend The Last Maharaja.


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