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Faris al-Saffar was a Morrocan engineer and inventor for the Emirate of Granada and the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins. His fascination with his craft drove him to immerse himself with the black market of Granada. Upon his discovery and arrest, he was pardoned by Sultan Muhammad XII of Granada on the advice of the Assassin Jariya al-Zakkiyya on the condition that from then on, his inventions would be supplied to the Granadans instead as an Assassin.


Born during the Renaissance, Faris al-Saffar was a brilliant craftsman and engineer from Morocco. He left his home for Granada to sell his sophisticated instruments and devices to the wealthy nobles of the city.[1]

As a skilled inventor, Faris spent his days tinkering with complex tools and volatile explosives, always trying to push the limits of current technology. Many of Faris's experiments were not technically legal, so he was often required to engage in illicit trade in order to pursue his craft and acquire the forbidden materials that his plans required. Eventually, he struck a deal with the local criminal underground, providing them bombs and tools in exchange for favors.[1]

This arrangement persisted until he was discovered by the Assassin Jariya al-Zakiyya, Sultan Muhammed XII's personal spy. Jariya immediately saw that Faris's skills could serve the Assassins and convinced the Sultan to forgive Faris's innocuous crimes on the condition that he would join the Brotherhood and provide his innovative tools and devices exclusively to them.[1]




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