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Family Reunion
Technical information

Jack prepares for Evie's arrival and eliminates the members of the medical staff with a living memory of his internment at Lambeth Asylum as a boy.


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Jack the Ripper

Memory type



The Mother of All Crimes


Live by the Creed, Die by the Creed

Historical information

Jack the Ripper


London, United Kingdom


November 1888

Family Reunion was a virtual representation of one of Jack the Ripper's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


In order to erase his identity completely, Jack returned to Lambeth Asylum to eliminate any medical staff with memory of him and destroy all records of his internment there.


  • Jack: Now I must erase any trace of my identity. Time to pay a visit to my old doctor. It's time my old nurse paid for her negligence and abuse.

Jack closed in on Nurse Whitney's location.

  • Jack: Nurse Whitney will scream for mercy, as I once begged for hers...

Jack entered the room Nurse Whitney was in.

  • Whitney: Who are you?
  • Jack: Squeal for me.

Jack dispatched Nurse Whitney. He then approached Doctor Archer outside of the asylum.

  • Jack: Let's show Doctor Archer what a good surgeon I make...
  • Archer: Who are you?!
  • Jack: I was once the little boy you had locked up here...And now, I am the Ripper.

Jack eliminated Doctor Archer.

  • Jack: Director Bradford will be happy to help me erase all mention of my stay in the hospital ledgers.

Jack started looking for Director Bradford.

  • Jack: Hmm, where can I find the Director of this madhouse...
    The police musn't find out I was a patient here.

Jack entered Director Bradford's office.

  • Bradford: Who the hell are you?
  • Jack: Meet the Ripper!
  • Bradford: GUARDS! Help me!

Jack assassinated Director Bradford.

  • Jack: No one must ever know that I was an inmate here.

Jack burned hospital ledgers containing records of his stay at Lambeth Asylum.

  • Jack: Time to prepare for Miss Frye's arrival. Let's let the lunatics out for a stroll...

Jack released the inmates.

  • Jack: The more the merrier...


With the last remnants of his past erased, Jack released Lambeth Asylum's inmates in preparation for Evie Frye's arrival.


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