Fahad was the leader of a group of Brigands during the High Middle Ages. He and his son, Bayhas, were known for being merciless murderers and thieves.


In 1247, Bayhas captured a tradesman named Mukhlis. While he and his fellow Brigands were preparing to kill Mukhlis, one of them was suddenly killed by an old man. The man, who turned out to be the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, killed Bayhas and his last companion as well, saving Mukhlis.

Upon receiving the news, Fahad sent some of his men to Masyaf. He suspected the murderer of his son to be hiding there and had decided to persuade Abbas Sofian, the Master of the Assassins, to let him enter the town. Meanwhile, Altaïr was slowly regaining the control in Masyaf, helping the citizens out with their problems and preparing an attack at the Assassin castle.

Two days after Abbas' death and Altaïr's restoration of the Assassin Order, Fahad and seven of his men travelled to Masyaf. They were greeted at the gates, where Altaïr revealed himself to be Bayhas' murderer. Altaïr and Fahad exchanged words, though hard words were barely spoken. Altaïr then allowed Fahad to leave and reconsider his attack on Masyaf. Fahad and his men returned to their camp and decided not to attack Masyaf.