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Ezio's Precursor box is a Piece of Eden, an ancient artifact created by the Isu, capable of interacting with other Pieces of Eden to accomplish amazing feats.



ACE-V 10

Ezio handing the box to Shao Jun

By November 1524, one Precursor box was in the possession of the retired Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, in his villa in Tuscany. The Chinese Assassin, Shao Jun, who had traveled there seeking Ezio's advice on resolving the problems in her homeland, was given the box and told that it would aid her. Ezio stated that she should only open it if she were to lose her way.[2]

ACCC Zhang Yong box

Zhang Yong with the box

Upon returning to China, Shao Jun used the box as bait to lure Gao Feng, one of the Eight Tigers to her. She assassinated him but the box itself was taken by Yu Dayong. Eventually Shao reclaimed the box, assassinating Yu. Shao Jun entrusted the box to her shifu, Wang Yangming who took it to have someone help them study the box. However before he could do that Zhang Yong murdered him and took the box for the Templars, finally sending it out of China to other Templars.[1]

Eventually, the box ended up into the hands of British Templar Francis Cotton. After Cotton's death, his appointed successor, William Sleeman, took possession of the box and launched in 1841 a campaign to find Precursor Temples in India by using the box. In order to power it, he stole the Koh-i-Noor from the Assassins. However, his efforts were countered by Assassin Arbaaz Mir who recovered the stolen artifact and despite discovering a new Temple, in Herat, William had to flee with the box.[3]


The box and the Staff shard interacting

Decades later the box came into possession of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who in 1918 and along with his family was prisoner of the Bolcheviks in Yekaterinburg. Sent by the Brotherhood to recover the artifact, Nikolai Orelov was confronted by the Templars who had infiltrated the ranks of the Red Army and also coveted the box. Infiltrating the house where the Romanovs were kept, Nikolai witnessed their murder but reached Princess Anastasia, who was holding the box, in time to secure the artifact.[5]

However, as Nikolai was taking the Precursor box from Anastasia's hands, the shard of the Staff around his neck and the box interacted, and the girl was somehow imprinted with the genetic memories of Chinese Assassin Shao Jun. Suffering from a kind of Bleeding Effect, Anastasia became overwhelmed by Jun's skills and memories and the older man decided to take both her and the box to the Brotherhood in Moscow.[5]

Once in Moscow, the pair reached to the Assassin Sergei, who took the box and promised Nikolai that they would keep her safe while discovering what the box had done to her. Nikolai then found out by eavesdropping on some Assassins' conversation that they didn't care about Anya's safety and that Sergei only wanted to uncover the box's secrets, and also that the procedure that they were planning to do on Anya was most likely going to kill her. Nikolai ultimately managed to rescue Anya, but left the box behind.[5]


  • It was incorrectly believed by the Templar John Harrison in 1742 that Shao Jun's box was recovered by the Assassins and remained in the possession of the Chinese Assassins for about a hundred years after Jun's death. It was believed that they sent it to Acapulco with the Manila galleons.[6] Curiously, Harrison was unaware that the artifact was in Templar hands at the time.[3]



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