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"If we were to place just one Piece of Eden within a satellite and angle it toward the Earth... well, utopia would be within our grasp."
Warren Vidic.[src]
Keeping an eye on humanity

Eye-Abstergo in orbit

Eye-Abstergo, or the Eye, was a satellite enhanced with an Apple of Eden,[1] set for launch on December 21, 2012 to become the cornerstone of the Akashic Satellite Plexus.[2] Publicly, the Eye was said to be a communications satellite for consumer use.[3]

The satellite launch was an Abstergo Industries initiative, secretly engineered by the Templars controlling the company to ensure that a New World Order would be enforced on Earth with the Piece of Eden's powers.[2]


Satellite triangulation

Satellite triangulation

Though initially scheduled to launch before December 21, in around September 2012, an Abstergo press release announced that the launch of the Eye was delayed to improve coverage area, and provide better service. The true cause of the delay, however, was Abstergo's search for another Piece of Eden, after their previous one was destroyed.[3]

Additionally, reports on Earth and space weather, specifically the projection of solar flares, pinpointed December 21 as the "most opportune time" to launch the Eye.[2]

Ultimately, Abstergo scrapped the launch of the satellite, as they were unable to obtain the required Piece of Eden in time.[4]


Early ASP model

Early ASP model

Upon entering low Earth orbit, the Eye would amplify the Apple of Eden's power, as well as boost Abstergo's observational capabilities, and locate "individuals with potential."[2]

Though highly uncertain, preliminary analysis suggested that the satellite would allow the harvesting of raw data, and would "awaken in humans what should have been ours from the moment of our creation."[2]


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