Everett Boyd was a British citizen, who lived in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


In 1868, Boyd was to be engaged to Janice Asquith, daughter of Colonel Asquith. He was also in financial trouble, not being able to pay debts and receiving threats because of it. Hoping to use the dowry of his marriage to invest in a good business opportunity, Boyd was unhappy when he learned that Janice had her doubts about their engagement.

When she started attending séances from Thaddeus the Great in hopes of asking her deceased sister for advice, Boyd bribed the spiritualist. He instructed Thaddeus to tell Janice that her sister approved of their marriage, hoping to speed the process along and gain his money.

When Thaddeus was murdered by Douglas, Boyd was interrogated by Jacob or Evie Frye. During the investigation, his scheme was brought to light, but Janice opted not to believe it, and continued to claim that Thaddeus had been a true spiritualist.