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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve seen in The Truth video

Eve was a hybrid human-Isu.

In 75,010 BCE,[1] Eve and another hybrid, Adam, rebelled against their creators, unaffected by the effects of the First Civilization's "Pieces of Eden" due to the lack of neurotransmitters in their brains, and stole an "Apple of Eden". The pair attempted to escape Eden, only to be stopped by an unknown force.[2]

Later, Eve was chosen as the official leader of humanity's rebellion against their creators, and a holographic record of her election on a Prophecy Disk survived the Toba catastrophe, until it was discovered by Aveline de Grandpré in 1777.[3]

Eve and Adam were the parents of Cain and Abel, the former of which would later kill his brother to acquire his Apple of Eden.[2]



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