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Eudoros (c. 100s BCE – 48 BCE), also known as The Hippo, was a Greek royal scribe and a member of the Order of the Ancients during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.

In 48 BCE, as part of his quest for vengeance against the Order of the Ancients, the Medjay Bayek infiltrated the bathhouse in Alexandria that Eudoros was in and killed him with the Hidden Blade, marking Bayek's first use of the weapon, which cost him his ring finger during a brief struggle between the two. As he laid dying, Bayek accused him of being the Snake, who was incidentally responsible for his son Khemu's death, but Eudoros taunted that the Snake could never die; Bayek later found out from Cleopatra that the Snake was in fact an alias for the Order of the Ancients itself, and that Eudoros was the Hippo.


  • While Eudoros is listed in the Official Guide as being born in Greece, his real life counterpart was listed as being a native of Alexandria.



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