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Esquieu de Floyrac

Esquieu de Floyrac was a French coprior who was instrumental in the downfall of the Knights Templar.


Floyrac was originally the coprior of the convent of Montfaucon. At some point, he was imprisoned along with a renegade Templar. Over time, the Templar and Floyrac confided in each other, and the Templar told Floyrac of his Order's many supposed misdeeds and vices. In order to lessen his punishment, Floyrac allied himself with King Philip IV of France, and plotted with him to bring down the Order.

In the early hours of 13 October 1307, Floyrac led a group of Assassins disguised as Flemish mercenaries towards the gates of the Temple in Paris. The Templar at the gate refused to let Floyrac in, reminding him that he was not welcome there. After showing him Philip's arrest warrant, the Templar reluctantly opened the gate, only to be killed by Floyrac.

Afterwards, the Assassins emerged, and Floyrac led them in battle against the Templars, proving successful in capturing Grand Master Jacques de Molay.



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