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Two Knights escorting a Doctor

Escort is a virtual training mode in the first and second stage of the Animi Training Program, in which Abstergo recruits are separated into two teams, with one team taking on the role of hunters and the other as protectors.[1][2]

It is the protecting team's objective to safeguard two non-player characters, who are referred to as "VIPs", through killing members of the hunting team for a basic score along with escorting their VIPs to various checkpoints that are stationed along the map. For as long as the protecting team can keep their VIPs alive, they would receive points whenever their VIPs pass through the checkpoints, resetting only once the VIP has been assassinated. Once both VIPs are assassinated, new VIPs are synchronized, who must then be protected once again.

For the hunting team, their responsibility lies in assassinating the other team's VIPs for points, with higher scoring kills earning their team more towards their score. After the first 5 minute round has ended, the teams switch places, with the roles of the teams being reversed for another 5 minute round.

Gameplay and strategies

As Team 1 is always assigned to defend the VIPs first, the protecting team should focus on keeping their VIPs alive through coordination and teamwork, along with equipping sets that allow for quick identification and killing of the hunting team. As assassinating a member of the hunting team only rewards the maximum of 100 points, it is best to equip kill streaks that focus only on regular kills. Hidden Gun is also a useful ability for when a hunter is close to a VIP and the recruit is far away from reaching them.[1]


The loading screen for Escort match in Brotherhood

For the hunting team, they must always remember that the protecting team is constantly searching for someone who fits the description of their opponents; any running or ability used in front of them will catch their attention. A wise recruit will use tactics such as Poison or Disguise to assassinate the VIP without arousing suspicion. It is also best if the hunting team coordinates their attacks on the VIPs, as it is very useful to earn as much for a VIP's assassination, considering the protecting team only receives 100 points from killing a hunter.[1]