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"Enzio Capelli. Not a demon, but a hypnotist. And he's not even Italian!"
―Jacob Frye on Enzio Capelli, 1868.[src]

Enzio Capelli, known as the Sorcerer Supreme, was an English showman and thief, who typically posed as being Italian, living in London during the 19th century.


A famous showman, Enzio Capelli gained profit using his talent in magic and trickery in shows in Italy. Sometime in the 19th century, he migrated to London and was forced to pawn his family's heirloom for an unknown reason.

Having a skill in hypnotism, Enzio retrieved the heirlooms by hypnotizing civilians into robbing the pawnshop. He was involved in the great robbing mystery, wherein the townsfolk mistook him for a demon.

Knowing this, the Ghost Club decided to investigate the mystery. Jacob or Evie Frye managed to track down Capelli, but was subsequently hypnotized in committing several thefts for him. Eventually, after breaking free of their hypnotism, the Assassin apprehended Enzio and had him arrested.


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