AC3 English Flintlock Pistol

The English Flintlock Pistol

The English Flintlock Pistol is a .71 caliber English flintlock pistol crafted by the gunsmith Gabbitas. Because the initials "E.B." are engraved on it, it was rumored to have been the personal firearm of Edward Braddock before the British general's death at the hands of the Templar Grand Master Haytham Kenway in the French and Indian War. During the American Revolution, it came into the possession of Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton of the Colonial Brotherhood. Replicas of the weapon were among the firearms Ratonhnhaké:ton may have produced for sale with the aid of the blacksmith David Walston and woodworker Lance O'Donnell, his fellow residents at the Davenport Homestead.


  • The English Flintlock Pistol is popularly known as the Braddock Pistol in real-life. It was given by Edward Braddock to George Washington, who valued the gift highly and used it throughout his military career until losing it in 1777. The gunsmith responsible for crafting the gun, William Gabbitas was actually British, not Spanish, but is misidentified as Spanish by Washington in his letter to Captain Charles Morley asking him to search for the missing gun for him.[1][2]

Weapon statistics

Rate of fire Short range Long range Cost Crafting
2 4 1 N/A Level 2 Blacksmith – Level 2 Woodworker
Flints + Oak Lumber + Special Iron Ingot