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Elizabeth Scott was the wife of the Bristolian tea merchant and Templar Emmett Scott, the mother of Caroline Scott, and the grandmother of Jennifer Scott.


While her husband disapproved of their daughter's marriage to Edward Kenway, Elizabeth was secretly glad her daughter had married someone who would make her happy. She was present during the wedding and attempted to change her husband's mind when he decided to disown their daughter for her misalliance, to no avail. Sometime after Edward's venture to the West Indies and Caroline's return home, Caroline gave birth to Elizabeth's granddaughter Jennifer.

In 1720, during his travels, Emmett contracted smallpox and passed the disease onto Elizabeth and Caroline. While she and her husband eventually recovered from the affliction, Caroline grew weaker and weaker until she eventually passed away, having been denied medicine by Emmett.

After her mother's death, Jennifer manifested the desire to contact her father and inform him about Caroline's death and her own existence, to which Elizabeth helped her granddaughter. Keeping it a secret from her husband, she arranged for a ship to take her granddaughter to Great Inagua. As well as this, Elizabeth sent a letter written by Jennifer to reach Kenway in advance.


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