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Elegant and Deadly
Elegant and Deadly 2
Technical information

Protect the family business.


Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Memory type



Prélude to Rebellion


Vanishing Slaves

Historical information

Aveline de Grandpré


New Orleans, Spanish Louisiana, New Spain



Elegant and Deadly was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Having received a new weapon, Aveline set out to protect the family business from the slander of a business rival.


Aveline met with one of Gérald's informants.

  • Informant: Follow me.

Aveline then followed him to a public square, where she found a town crier slandering de Grandpré name.

  • Town crier: De Grandpré coffee produces hives about the face and causes fit men to walk with a limp! Avoid the primitive muckwater! Drink fine East India tea, the elixir of gentlemen!
  • Aveline: What's the meaning of this?
  • Town crier: I don't know, ma'am! They pay me to say what I'm told. I can't even read, I swear!
  • Aveline: Where is your employer?
  • Town crier: At his warehouse, no doubt. Please don't hurt me.

Aveline then made her way to the warehouse, using her parasol to eliminate the guards.

Elegant and Deadly 3

Bouché apologizing to Aveline

  • Bouché: Don't kill me! What do you want?
  • Aveline: Stop slandering de Grandpré's reputation. Close your deceptive booth, clean the market of your insipid handbills, and issue a public apology.
  • Bouché: Alright. I'll apologize. I swear!
  • Aveline: What's this? Coffee? How are you feeling? A touch nervous? Itchy?
  • Bouché: Alright, look. I'm desperate. I can't keep my slaves from escaping. I lose money every day. And all my stock is in tea. If everyone starts drinking coffee, I'll be through.
  • Aveline: Anyone who keeps slaves deserves to lose them. Next time, remember: far worse things can haunt a man than lost business.
  • Bouché: Alright, alright, alright ma'am.

Aveline then returned to Gérald Blanc.

  • Aveline: He'll be no more trouble.
  • Gérald: I'll say. He's going bankrupt! Selling off his shops! Care to err... expand your empire?
  • Aveline: Now there's an idea. If I buy him out, I can pay his slaves a wage and set them on the path to freedom.
  • Gérald: Certainly a more uh... peaceful solution than your er... usual method of handling slavers. I'll keep a tally of properties available to buy, and make sure my informants keep an eye on er... opportunities. Look for them.
  • Aveline: Thank you, Gérald.

Aveline then set out to buy the shop and returned to her headquarters.

Elegant and Deadly 5

Aveline telling Gérald about the disappearances

  • Aveline: Gérald, I'm hearing about disappearing slaves again. I thought we ended that with Gouverneur d'Abbadie. But it happens again--and not only slaves now, but laborers, the poor... Where are they all going?
  • Gérald: I'll set my informants on finding out.
  • Aveline: No. I'll do it myself. They need help now.
  • Gérald: May I suggest that you er... start with San Danje this time?
  • Aveline: Yes. This is one case we won't solve at a garden party.
  • Gérald: When you're ready to go, find me outside, near the docks. I'll show you a faster way there.

Aveline left and met Gérald at the docks.

  • Gérald: Ah! Aveline. Simply come here when you need to travel out of town. The uh... business... will cover any er... expense.


Aveline protected the family business, expanded it by buying a new shop, and set out to discover what happened to the slaves.


  • The town crier's speech about the de Grandpré coffee's quality can also be heard being spread by town criers in Assassin's Creed: Rogue.



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