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AC4 El Impoluto

El Impoluto

El Impoluto (English: The Pristine) was one of five legendary ships encountered by the pirate Edward Kenway in the Caribbean, during the 18th century Golden Age of Piracy. She could be found sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.

El Impoluto was among the fastest and most maneuverable vessels in the Spanish Navy, easily outpacing and outsteering smaller vessels such as the Jackdaw despite her size. The ship was also unique in that she was the only Man O' War known to have a naval ram, though she also possessed very powerful broadside cannons and chase guns.

Her battle strategy was one of relentless aggression. Immediately upon sighting an enemy, she made straight for it at top speed and rammed it; her ram was extremely powerful, causing massive damage with a single hit. After ramming, El Impoluto would withdraw a short distance before using her great maneuverability to turn tightly and go in for another hit.

However, if she was attacked repeatedly while charging, she would break off. Her broadside cannons were generally used only as a secondary weapon, though they did great damage to an enemy ship if it was in heavy shot range. Despite her advantages, El Impoluto was eventually sunk by Edward Kenway's Jackdaw.


  • Impoluto is Spanish for "spotless, unblemished, unpolluted".
  • After he successfully destroyed all legendary ships, Edward was rewarded with El Impoluto's charge attack for the Jackdaw. When used, the Jackdaw's speed was temporarily increased in order to deliver devastating damage with the ram.
  • The wheel and figurehead of El Impoluto could be gained through the completion of community challenges.
  • There is a glich were the player could defeat El Impuluto easily without the use of the ship by realeasing the wheel right at a certain distance before the El Impuluto stars trying to ram the Jackdaw. And at the precise moment jump from the Jackdaw's bowsprit onto the El Impuluto's deck and then start murdering everyone crew member on the legendary ship then get back on the Jackdaw and all you need to do is fire one shot and the so called legendary ship sinks.


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