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"She's a fussock, she is. Fat and slow."
―Edward Thatch, on El Arca del Maestro, 1715.[src]
AC4 El Arca Del Maestro

El Arca del Maestro anchored in Great Inagua

El Arca del Maestro (English: The Ark of the Master) was a Spanish galleon used by the French Templar Julien du Casse in late 1715.

In order to improve Nassau's defenses, Edward Thatch and Edward Kenway planned to commandeer the galleon and station it just beyond Nassau's northern harbor.

Kenway's Jackdaw tailed the vessel through a storm, eventually following it to a cove on the island of Great Inagua. Looping around the island, the pirate made his way through the jungle and assassinated Julien aboard the galleon. Afterward, Edward claimed the cove as his own, while Thatch took the ship's cannons and brought the ship to Abaco Island before beaching it.



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