The pirate and Assassin Edward Kenway wore several sets of robes throughout his life, one of which could be customized by adding leather armor. Additionally, during his time in the West Indies, Edward obtained a set of Templar and Mayan armors, by collecting Templar keys and Mayan keystones, respectively.

Duncan Walpole's robes

AC4 Duncan Walpole's robes

Edward wearing Duncan Walpole's robes

Edward took these robes from the fallen Assassin and would-be Templar Duncan Walpole, whom he killed and subsequently impersonated.

The robes were primarily blue with a white interior and consisted of a white undershirt and a white hood, which was connected to the robes themselves. The torso displayed an open collar. The outfit also featured two white shoulder belts, one on the undershirt and the other on the outside of the robes, featuring an Assassin insignia near the right shoulder.

The lower part of the robes were doubly layered and about equal in length. The waist featured a wide red sash fastened with a white belt, which held two pistol holsters and three pouches, the largest of which featured an Assassin insignia.[1]

Assassin robes

AC4 Edward Kenway's Robes

Edward wearing his Assassin robes

Whilst onboard a ship in the Spanish Treasure Fleet, Edward heavily modified Duncan Walpole's robes in order to better suit his purpose and personality.

The robes retained the white hood and now included leather padding and metal bracers. They also featured blue lining along the torso and a brown shoulder belt, which held two pistol holsters at the front.

The wide red sash was retained and was fastened by a loose hanging belt, which held two pistol holsters. The lower portion of his robes also included white trousers and black boots.[1]


Edward could craft leather armor pieces for himself. New armor pieces became available for crafting after Edward obtained the hunting spoils required to craft a particular piece.

Edward could change his outfits in the cabin of his ship, the Jackdaw; at any general store throughout the West Indies; or in the basement of his manor on Great Inagua.

Additionally, Edward possessed several cloaks, which could be worn with his Assassin outfit.[1]

Special robes


  • Edward's outfit is notable in that it departs from the usual style of having a beaked hood that previous Assassins have displayed.
  • Edward's Hidden Blades possessed Assassin insignia engraved on the mechanism, while the right blade also showed a small skull below the insignia.
  • Edward's robes were eventually inherited, at least in part, by his grandson Ratonhnhaké:ton.[2]